At Doxhobbi, we breed only when we are ready for a new show dog at our kennel. The sire and dam of each litter are screened for hereditary eye and hip disease and are OFA certified. We believe that we are responsible for all the puppies we bring into the world even after they go to a new home. We sell pets on a spay/neuter contract and require that if ever the new owner is unable to care for the dog, it will be returned to us. All of our puppies are microchipped prior to leaving us.
We believe that the puppies need to stay with their mother and litter mates to learn basic canine etiquette and never let a puppy leave us until they are at least 8 weeks old. During that first 8 weeks, the puppies are extensively socialized and exposed to as many people and new situations as possible

Narcissa's litter was born 10/3/14 . We evaluate the puppies at 8 weeks to decide which are " show quality" . Only after that will we know which puppies will go the the breeders and co- breeders of the litter. We will be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in purchasing one of our puppies as a pet and would love to have you visit our kennel and meet the dogs and puppies. If you are unable to visit, we will be happy to talk to you by phone. We pride ourselves on not only breeding the best Siberians, but also on finding the perfect home for any puppy that we do not keep. We do not take deposits for puppies, since we do not know what will be available until 8 weeks after they are born. We already have multiple excellent pet homes for this litter, so if you haven't already spoken to us, we do not have a pet puppy from this litter available for you. We sell pet puppies on a limited registration only. The price is $800 - we will refund $50 upon proof of spay/neuter and $50 with proof of completion of basic obedience classes or " puppy kindergarten"

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