Doxhobbi's Magic Man

After starting to train for Rally obedience and Agility with Delinda, Merlin moved to his new home in Mobile, Al. with Therron Ducharme on 1/30/16. He was Therron's emotional support dog until Therron's death in January of 2020. 

Merlin is now back at Doxhobbi. Although he gets along with the other dogs well, he was very depressed for many weeks. His mood improved when our daughter, Alex, decided to spend her COVID WFH (work from home) time at the farm. This allows Merlin to spend his days indoors with Alex, instead of out in the kennels with the other pups while Jim and Delinda are at work. He also gets to sleep in Alex's bed at night. 

We hope to complete the third leg of his Rally Novice Title soon.