Doxhobbi's Bewitched
Samantha has started her show career. 

GCH Amorok's Light Brigade at Kadian SD CGC

Ch Kadian's Courage Under Fire

Ch Wildestar's North Face

Ch Demavand's Kiev

Ch Wildestar's Cat Ballou

Ch Marlytuk's Granite Rose

Am/Can Ch Kadian's Chain Reaction

Canaan's Hunky Dory

Ch Amorok's Moonlight Serenade

Ch Amorok's Let There Be Light

Ch Amorok's Flash of Lightening, CGC

Ch Krista's Genesis

Amorok's Pocket Full of Posey

Ch Amorok's Laser Light Beam, SD

Yeso Pac's Linda

Ch Zvevda's Rastaban of Liyaza

BISS Ch Demavand's Cassio's Secondwind

BISS Ch Zvezda's Juno

Ch Doxhobbi's Spice Route

Ch Kaila's Red Sun Rising

BISS Ch Liyaza's Cherry Karise

Liyaza's Doxhobbi Valentine

AM/CAN Ch Denali's Lil Bit O Majik of Kiana

BISS Ch Indigo's Infrared Of Starsky

Ch Aariel's Majik Legacy O'Denali

Ch. Liyaza's Relentless

BIS/BISS Ch Solocha's Kasan Ghost Rider

BISS Ch Liyaza's Canamonda Blkberry